gomugomunodumbass asked:
  • Who made the first move: Erik
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first: Erik again, probably.
  • How often they fight: Now and then.
  • Who’s big spoon/little spoon: I actually see Daeloth as doing most of the spooning, partly because her height makes it easier for her to wrap around him, and she’s pretty possessive.
  • What their nicknames are for each other: Lordy, I’m not sure, but Dae is probably one of them.
  • Who’s the better cook: Erik, I hope. If not… rest in peace you incompetent soldiers.
  • Their song: Something badass and good for fighting to.
  • Who remembers their anniversaries: Both, probably. Erik might remember more often.
  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex): Train, spar, relax and read or gossip, play cards, go hunting, make up silly tag team attacks.
  • How they would get engaged: I’m not sure they’ll do anything like that in this reality… I think they just kind of wordlessly agreed to follow each other to the death. 
  • What their wedding would be like: There wouldn’t be one among these two.
  • How many kids they’ll have: None.


"you’re gonna rattle the stars, you are!”

knightoflimes asked:
Giriam :Vc and also, hmmmm shit, your biggest ship based on canon characters and not OC's (I'm not ENTIRELY sure so you choose)

Well, since Missy sent me Giniam already, I’ll just go with… Gamako

and i feel really silly already wow

  • Who made the first move: Gamagoori
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first: Mako
  • How often they fight: Very, very rarely.
  • Who’s big spoon/little spoon: Gamagoori is better at big spooning, but Mako tries it an awful lot, bless her. 
  • What their nicknames are for each other: Iiiii don’t know.
  • Who’s the better cook: Gamagoori
  • Their song: No clue
  • Who remembers their anniversaries: Gamagoori, he’s very responsible
  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex): Cook, go for walks, be around friends
  • How they would get engaged: Gamagoori sweats it out for a few weeks then goes for it with a very loud and determined, but short proposal, and Mako’s just like *gleeful clapping*
  • What their wedding would be like: Probably pretty packed because I can’t not see damn near everyone being there. Inevitably there’s a lot of food.
  • How many kids they’ll have: Probably two or three.

i feel so WEIRD writing this stuff for canon characters i ship lagalkgag

i think i forgot how to be a shipper

doktorgirlfriend asked:
  • Who made the first move: Gino
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first: I think it was Miriam 
  • How often they fight: Very, very rarely.
  • Who’s big spoon/little spoon: Miriam tries so hard, bless her, but she works better as the little spoon 
  • What their nicknames are for each other: Ginny, Miri, Mimzy
  • Who’s the better cook: Miriam
  • Their song: :Vc i have no idea actually
  • Who remembers their anniversaries: I think they both would
  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex): Dance, watch TV, smoke, go to town and walk around, garden.
  • How they would get engaged: Gino was hella nervous and consulted with Isaak
  • What their wedding would be like: Pretty sure it was a small thing in town outside of Mountain Lab with their friends from the base and some relatives.
  • How many kids they’ll have: Just one, Allen. Miriam wasn’t even supposed to be able to have him.
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doktorgirlfriend asked:
:|c Cat Person

(from last night’s monster meme)

XD I was WONDERING when I’d get that!

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Send me an OTP and I tell you…


  • Who made the first move; 
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first; 
  • How often they fight; 
  • Whose big spoon/little spoon; 
  • What their nicknames are for each other; 
  • Whose the better cook; 
  • Their song; 
  • Who remembers their anniversaries; 
  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex); 
  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; 
  • How they would get engaged;
  • What their wedding would be like;
  • How many kids they’ll have; 




this is probably the best picture I’ve ever seen in my life

And in this week’s episode of Obi-Wan’s Dinner Party Nightmares…..

Obi-wan’s face… 


As you guys kinda know SHITS REAL. my husband and I are splitting up and I have NOTHING In the midwest keeping me here.
I really need to get back to texas, but so do my cats.
If you can throw a few dollars towards me so that I can get cpuscous and panini the cat vacinated, q 75 dollar pet ticket, and a carrier big enough for both of them I’d be really greatful. Im currently unable to do commissions due to more stress than I have ever felt in my life and because I need to be out of my current place by friday
(Show if you live near richmond indiana and wanna house a cute girl and her cats thatd be really helpful too.)

I wish I weren’t terrified of everything

im just so fucking scared aaron will lose this job after one sick day

I don’t know if the fear is justified, or if I let too many stories of heartless retail management giving no leniency

im just sick of being worried about everything and to top it off im being selfish a as shit when he’s sick. I hate these moods and I hate myself for getting this way

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A rather Dapper Moon.

hahahah this is the best idea I’ve ever had xD I haven’t seen any art with sailor moon in a suit before and I really wanted to see that, so I drew it.

was terribly fun *has a thing for girls in suits *shotshot**